Happy Monday!

And welcome to my blog! I’m Strings, a 20-something mama married to the fabulous writer-daddy-programmer extraordinaire Stories (he won’t be posting, but he does edit some stuff for me). Our kids are 2 (a clever gent we’ll call Raptor) and 7 months (an entirely delicious girl we’ll call Boogaloo). 

I love God, I love theology, I love food and cooking. I do not love cleaning. I do not love decorating. I intensely dislike spending money. I like eating fresh-garden food, and thus tolerate gardening, but wouldn’t otherwise. I love my kids. I love my husband. That last one is the understatement of the year. So is the one about cleaning. 

I read a lot. I talk too much. 

And now I have a legitimized outlet to talk too much! Yay for you! 

Ahem. Seriously, this blog is an outlet for a couple things: God, theology, books about God and theology, food that I make, food that is local to the Eastern Iowa Corridor where I live, and generally stuff that interests me. My favorite blogs aren’t niche blogs, so this one mostly won’t be either except for the part about the books and the theology. I’ll try to keep up with that stuff for you. 

Have an awesome evening! 

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