What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver!


“Mama, I want to watch Buck Tooooo!”

For the record, I have no idea why my toddler calls Buck Denver “Buck Too,” but he does, and he begs for Buck all the time!


Phil Vischer, the maker of Veggie Tales, is back and doing something way more awesome, this time. He’s going through the Bible, book by book and point by point, telling the story of God’s Rescue Plan.

Insert the most fabulous cast here – my husband and I adore Clive and Ian, preschool and school age puppet kids asking all the hard questions, all the hilarious questions, and sometimes begging for ponies. Raptor loves Chuck Wagon best – a blue cowboy from the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” singing songs about Jesus (and if he can work in something about a steering wheel, he’s happy).

Lest you think this is “Bible: the Kids Musical,” there is also the indomitable Sunday School Lady, complete with blue hair and Magical Flannel Graph, using infographics and maps to explain everything from the way God divvied up the Promised Land to Pax Romana.

When things get too confusing, the collared Pastor Paul chimes in with a helpful definition or Scripture that everyone ought to know. But, don’t assume that the show favors one denomination over the other – Brother Louie and his gospel choir will sing you some amazing and awe-inspiring renditions of traditional church tunes, while asking and explaining why church is the way it is.

There’s also a pirate to explain all church history and sing hilarious ditties, a mad scientist to help with apologetics, a popsicle-stick theatre for showing entire stories in a sitting (like Ruth, or the Fall), and Buck Denver MAN OF NEWS to tie it all together.

And when the going gets tough, the tough ask Phil himself! He takes on tricky questions like “Why is it okay that God killed all those people?” and gives kids answers that really do make sense.

I cannot tell you how much I love this show. My babysitter loves this show. My kids adore this show (Yes, Boogaloo loves it too). If you’re looking for a show in which a vegetable demonstrates what Jesus would do, look elsewhere. This one takes on what Jesus (and Paul, and Abraham, and Nehemiah, and…) actually did. To quote the theme song, “Is there a God and if there is, what difference does it make?”

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