God’s Whisper in a Mother’s Chaos

God’s Whisper in a Mother’s Chaos, by Keri Wyatt Kent, is definitely designed for mothers of Littles! I read it the first time in like an hour. It’s short, it’s direct, it’s easy to read. Individual chapters can be read very quickly. Taken as a whole, it’s a good book, and it’s got some good points in it!


The first point she makes – and she makes it again and again, as she should! – is that life is hard and doesn’t wait. There are seasons where you can get up at the crack of dawn before your family and do your devotionals. There are also seasons where your lamp won’t go out at night. There are still more seasons where you lunch with the Lord and your version of “alone time” is doing the dishes or laundry.


We have to remember to be with God, and we don’t want to be with someone we don’t trust. So, we have to work on trusting Him in every situation. We must choose to accept that what he has given us right now is best for us right now.


We must listen. Kent recommends a couple things to help this: practice listening to people, quiet time, and decluttering our minds by decluttering our lives and spaces. I love this, all of it. She wants you holding your stuff with open hands, but I’d take it further. Hold your own thoughts, your stuff, your time. It’s all His. If He uses it in a way that’s not the way you expect – that’s okay.


And to be okay with that, we need to practice letting it go. It’s a little bit Zen, of course, so be careful not to idolize the Zen-ness of it. Remember that you are giving it to God, not to yourself. And it might not look like monk-on-an-open-mountain, either. You might free your schedule only to find a stream of requests flowing in your front door to fill all this free time you’ve just made. Ask God if it’s what He has for you. It’s His time, not yours.


And while we’re at it, our kids. They can teach us so much about Him – they have such faith in Him. And there are those parenting moments where you see God with such stunning clarity – the other day I told (okay, hollered at) my son, “If you just did what I told you to do, when I told you to do it, we wouldn’t need any other rules!” I then proceeded to cry, I was so convicted. (Also, possibly sleep-deprived).


She also suggests to beautify your space and your life. You don’t need to cover your shelves in knick-knacks, or have a single breakable, but paying attention to the little stuff, the tiny details, can enrich a life for so very little (money, effort, time). If the beauty you have is a bouquet of dandelions, put it in a vase and admire it. Frame scribbles. Look at bugs. Find beauty where you are.


“Instead of feeling guilty about how little time with God I get, I need to look at how I can connect

with God in the midst of my chaos.” Easily the most important sentence in the book. She does suggest that mornings are great, but I think about it a little differently. Just be alone with God. Find 10 minutes in your day to be alone. I can rant on this one, but I won’t. Do it when you can, how you can. Do it.


There is one thing I don’t like about this book, and it’s a little quibble-y (Is that a thing?) Anyway, at the beginning, her version of God is very “Boyfriend/Buddy” Jesus-y. I mean, the gospel is the gospel and God does love us and want to be with us. All He wants is our hearts, yes, alleluia!


But the trouble with this is that you can really take the legs off of grace when all you focus on is the grace.  It may be outside the scope of this particular book, but be sure when reading books like this to devote some time in your heart to how big, majestic and truly awesome God is. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Never forget that. We love a God who is worth fearing.


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