The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

or Strings wants faith like Betsie.


Okay, so I’m going to go on a tangent here and I want you to stay with me.

On Pinterest there are these signs, right? Our family does love, our family does forgiveness, blah blah blah in 30 different fonts and words going in every readable orientation, to what amounts to a family list of rules.

Well, I want to be a family that does faith like Betsie ten Boom.

I had, before I read this, read a number of stories about Corrie. Certainly I knew her to be a pillar of faith. The story that stuck out most to me was a tale I read in a christian magazine back in LifeTeen, where she saw someone with a runny nose and prayed for a handkerchief. Despite the horrors of the jail around her, and the million other things to pray for, she prayed for a handkerchief with authority. Within a few minutes it was delivered. Someone walked over to Corrie and said, “I think you need this,” and hands her a kerchief.

I don’t even, right? Bawled.

This whole book was like that, except it was mostly about Betsie. It was interesting going in, knowing all these wonderful things about Corrie, because if you’re reading this autobiography – well, Corrie’s pretty humble. You read her innermost thoughts, her faltering, her worries, her doubts. But you SEE Betsie, and Betsie’s extraordinary faith. This woman does and says things I cannot fathom saying or doing. She just takes God at His word in every. single. situation. To a degree that is impractical. It’s jump-out-of-the-boat-and-jog faith.

Seriously, bring tissues. I’m not going to spoil it for you. I know, normally I give you complete outlines. This is not something I can do justice. All I can say is 1) read it, 2) plan to cry and 3) pray for faith like Betsie.

Lord, help me be thankful for fleas.

And when you understand that statement, leave a comment so we can cry together. Tearing up now.

Oh, and if I could be parents like the ten Booms, that would be great. I mean, Corrie’s dad is just a pillar of fatherhood. I don’t even.


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