The Trinity

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Some bits of theology are words found actually there, in the pages of your Bible. You can go to any concordance, flip through to the ‘s’ section,  find “spirit” and behold! Dozens of references to the Holy Spirit.

Not trinity. Trinity is a word that we use to describe a biblical concept: that God is God alone, while also being three very separate entities; a seeming contradiction in terms. There is huge biblical evidence for the three of them–the end of Matthew has Jesus offhandedly and clearly referencing all three of them, for starters. Paul also references all three of them at the end of 2 Corinthians–so there’s no pretending that “Holy Spirit” is just another way to say “Jesus.” These are very certainly three beings.

So, then, are they all God? There are several references to the Father as God, still more of Jesus as God, and more still of the Spirit being God. And none of them shirk the “God” duties, either. You’ve got omnipresence on all sides (Father, Son, and Spirit), universe creation (Father, Son, and Spirit), eternality (Father, Son, and Spirit). I’ll leave omniscience and omnipotence as an exercise for the reader. I’m not doing all your homework.

Anyway, so we have evidence that there are three entities. We know that all three are in fact God. So how can we justify calling ourselves monotheists? The Bible says we are. Over and over, it says and implies there is only one God.

So what do we do with that? We must conclude in this strange, big thing that we shorten to calling “the trinity” – that God is three, in one. One God in three parts. Trinity!

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