Unconditional Election

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For the purposes of this argument, we’ll assume that the word “elect” is talking about the saved, unless it’s obviously not. So, how do the elect become elected? As with depravity, there are two flavors: unconditional election (the “U” in TULIP) or conditional election. We’ll start with unconditional.

Unconditional election is the tenet that God’s choice of certain individuals for salvation was not based on any foreseen response of obedience on their part, but was based solely in His good and sovereign will. Got that? Okay, try it this way: God picked out the elect before they were conceived of. It is the nature of total depravity that we could not get out of sin ourselves, but that’s okay: according to unconditional election, God appointed an elect people to help out of the hole of depravity.

Now, many who believe in unconditional election will suggest that God does not damn people; people damn themselves.  It’s just that in His grace and mercy, He does choose to save some. However, it is by nothing that we have done. Only his purpose and grace draw us to him.

Read Romans 9 today, and go through yesterday’s list again. Read with an open mind and the help of the Spirit.

See you tomorrow!

– Liz

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