31 days bigWay back in the dark ages of two weeks ago (how is it still October? I do not know) we talked about justification. Then we talked about sanctification. There is a third (and final) process to Christian development: glorification.

What’s that? At the most basic level, it is exactly what I said – the final process of Christian development. It is the realization of our salvation, the achievement of perfection in Christ, the entry into Heavenly Glory. Most people believe that it’s only realized postmortem (except the raptured; thats a different day).

Beyond that, glorification is the receiving of our perfect sainthood: to be conformed to the likeness of Jesus. We have some idea what this will look like. We are now perishable, weak, natural; we will be imperishable, powerful, spiritual. This is what we are working toward when we allow God into us to change us. We put off the old and put on the new to this end.

Your reading today is 1 Corinthians 15:12-58. There are other verses on the subject of glorification and our resurrection bodies, but this is the most comprehensive Scripture on the subject. Also it’s really long. And has a lot to say. Have fun!

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