Clive and Ian!

So, if you like What’s In the Bible as much as we do, you may already know this. But, if you don’t, let me tell you something. Clive and Ian have their own show! 2 DVDs worth! It’s called Clive and Ian’s Wonderblimp of Knowledge, and we. love. it.

It’s 6 questions per DVD of fantastic What’s in the Bible goodness: Is God bigger than a superhero? Can I rely on God when I can’t even rely on my parents? How old is God? Questions inquisitive little minds need to know!

The best part, as a mother of a toddler, is that the segments are not even 5 minutes long. I don’t have to worry about my kid getting zoned out in front of a screen for 30 minutes, wasting every moment of screen time he’s allocated in a day. I get five minutes to do whatever, he gets a Buck Denver video, and we can still watch music videos with daddy later, guilt free!

I will tell you, though, that these are way (way, way) more formulaic. I can barely watch two of them in a row. Where I could (hypothetically, here. Yep) watch What’s in the Bible all by myself, Wonderblimp of Knowledge is definitely a kid’s show. 10 and under only. Anyone older may well find them obnoxious.

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Today I am so grateful.

My family has been ridiculously sick. All the very worst kinds, too. But in the midst of it all, I am so grateful that I live here. Here in America, with a stocked medicine cabinet full of herbal and pharmaceutical remedies, and the knowledge of how and when to use them. If everything I have in my bag of tricks fails, there’s an ER 10 minutes away. I’ve never had a real worry that my child would die of a fever. Even when I am sick and my children are sick, I know that in a few days it will all be over but the laundry.

I am grateful for my husband, who did not succumb to illness until this morning. Yesterday, he was a superhero, cuddling the baby and bringing me water. It is the sort of thing he dismisses, but I can’t imagine doing it without him. I prayed for all the single parents, who have to get their children water and snuggle them when they are feeling awful.

So I don’t sound up to my usual self, I’m sure, but I hope you don’t mind. I’m still tired. Still a little achey if I sit and think about it, so I try not to and eat more toast.

– Strings

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Good morning!

Ahhh, what a way to start the new non-31 days, no? Late.

food-waste-with-leaf-v2.1About that food waste! I did really, really well for the 31 days, all things considered. I made sure to clean out the fridge anyway, and lost: 1/2 can of tomatoes and peppers, last scrapings of a tub of sour cream (we had 3 at one point, it wasn’t good), a package of goat cheese, a terrifying carrot that looked on the verge of explosion, and that’s it. 4 things over 4 weeks! I was thrilled! It’s a little full in there right now, but i did save some lettuce! We had a container that reached it’s sell-by date at the same time my husband wanted a dinner salad. Fated, I tell you – we devoured all of it instead of trying to fit it in as a side salads until it went bad.

On the list for this week to eat: buffalo potato casserole, enchiladas, turkey burgers, teriyaki chicken thighs (this one is our crock-pot meal…I have to start that tonight!) garlic yogurt macaroni, paninis, chicken alfredo a la olive garden.

In other news, my son has been singing while I write this post: “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, clap clap for letter C! Come fount of this is birdie!” So I’m going to go join him. And hope I can keep a straight face!

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It’s that time again! This week, 1 carrot that got lost behind the milk, and a serving of fried rice. I tried on the fried rice, I really did. It was just not that good.

However, I have some cottage cheese that HAS to go, and a small thing of rice leftover from when I made orange chicken. Might have rice pudding. I also was going to write about this jar of applesauce, but after I found it the toddler sat down with the jar and a spoon. Okay, it was slightly more civilized than that (I did get him a bowl!), but not much.

And now to figure out what to eat this week!

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Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Labor Day! It was positively gorgeous here, light breeze, nice temps, plenty of sun, so we went on two walks today. And yet the toddler is still up, despite being allowed to run like a maniac as he pleased.


Well, to give this post a level of point, guess what I made today? Peach crisp, which is officially the Easiest Dessert Ever.

In a food processor, mix

3/4c brown sugar

1/2 c flour

1/2 c oats

spices, up to 2 tsp total (for peach, I left it out because I was out of ginger. Had I ginger, I would have used 1/2 tsp of that)

1/3 c butter

Whizz about until pea-sized.

Into 9×9, put 2 c peeled, chopped fruit. Top with crumble, bake 30 minutes at 375.

You’re welcome. At one point in my life, I kept crumble topping in a bowl in the fridge. You can have mini-crumbles made in the microwave in 45-90 seconds. It’s great.

Happy Labor Day, and I hope you have a happy fall!

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